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Hi, you may want to ask yourself: Why did I create a website?
Well, in fact, this website is about me, as well as the things I do. Here I am trying to give you information about myself. I hope these posts I create are helpful. I work on the graphics of my website, you can see them (for example, put your mouse pointer on my website photos), they move. So far, my website has had more than +50,000 visitors (because it is managed by Cloud Flare). My advice is to read the website well. Thanks.

Trick: Want to know why I didn’t put an option called “Read More” for my posts? Because visitors don’t have the patience to click on content when reading a website.

If you want me to work with you, or you can work with me, send me your comments here! I’m looking forward to it.

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I keep this website up to date. See Changes logs

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Javad Sharafodin Zadeh

Iranian. Computer Engineer


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