My skills

Well, after you meet me, it's time to see my skills. I started working with a computer 9 years ago. I'm still making progress. Let's see.

Repair / Test

I have information about computer components and electronics.

Codding / Programming

I easily programming / coding. But alone

Build / Design

I learn to work with computer programs quickly after a while.

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About my website

+ Visitors in a day Hi, you may want to ask yourself: Why did I create a website?Well, in fact, this website is about me, as well as the things I do. Here I am Read more…

About me

I am Javad Sharafodin Zadeh. I am from Iran. I since 2011 (1390 Solar) started working with computers, until now. I am 16 years old and I live in Dezful, Khuzestan province. Find me on Read more…

My skills

Here you can see my skills, and also what I work on: Computer skills (18) Very high Editing / Gaming / Cheating / Changing codes in the game / Rendering​ 100% High Modeling / Graphics Read more…